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Coaching is about assistance and managing the development of the abilities and competences of an individual in a given field of activity, carried out individually by a coach. A significant element of that is a partnership-based relationship and mutual trust between a personal coach and his or her Customer. The essential task of coaching is providing support for an individual for whom coaching is provided in accomplishing by him or her objectives pre-determined with a coach.

Currently, the offer of LOCC includes:

  • business coaching
  • professional career coaching
  • life coaching

The flowchart below presents the difference between coaching and other associated professions:

  • A business consultant – he/she will assist you in choosing and purchasing the best bicycle at the most competitive price, and will also hand over its instruction manual to you.
  • A therapist/psychologist – he/she will assist you in identifying fears preventing you from trying to ride a bicycle for the first time.
  • A mentor – he/she will show you, how to ride a bicycle.
  • A coach – he/she will be running behind you, until you have learnt to ride on your own.
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