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BI Systems

Business Intelligence (BI) is a technological infrastructure making it possible to obtain crucial information serving to make effective business decisions quickly. This infrastructure encompasses software solutions serving to acquire, clean, integrate and analyze data, and make them available.

The modern platform of Business Intelligence provides comprehensive solutions and technologies for the following fields:

  • Data warehouses
  • The integration of data
  • zarzadzanie danymi
  • Business process management
  • The repository of the best business models and practices

In its portfolio, LOCC, together with its business partners, offers comprehensive IT solutions, commencing with defining requirements up to the choice of the best system and the implementation of it.

The process of defining the requirements has been presented below:

The identification of requrements

  • The formation of a project team
  • Determining functional requirements for a system
  • Development of the criteria of the choice of a system and supplier
  • The review of systems
  • The review of systems of IT in the market
  • The review of the reports concerning implementations and systems
  • Drawing up a short list of systems
  • Developing a Request for Information

The comparison of systems

  • Developing a Request for Proposal
  • Carrying out the presentation of systems
  • Carrying out the comprehensive assessment of solutions

Choice of a system

  • Carrying out a legal and content-related analysis of agreements
  • Carrying out negotiations
  • Signing an agreement

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